Yet Another Motivational Poster Joke

Bubba’s Ear points out this set of motivational posters based on RPG/MMORPG concepts. Some are pretty damn funny, but only if you’re very, very geeky.

Update: Yes, as Bubba’s Ear notes, the direct links are broken — or, rather, they don’t work because of the (wholly reasonable) way their webmaster has the server configured. Please use this handy guide to see which ones to which we were referring to. At.

  • “Some”: The one about Cthulu on a plane.
  • “are”: The one with a riff on the Aliens line about “taking off and nuking the site from orbit; it’s the only way to be sure.”
  • “damn”: The one with the plush Cthulu and the caption “O r’lyeh?”
  • “funny”: The one with the joke about the Barrens in WoW.
  • “geeky”: The one making fun of Shadowrun’s dependence on huge numbers of six-siders.

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