Yet another reason to hate Microsoft

Working in Project just now, it admonished me for repeatedly using the much-faster (but needlessly verbose) keyboard shortcut for indent/outdent (alt-p-o-i and alt-p-o-o), suggesting it might be faster to use buttons on the toolbar.

Think about that again. Project thinks it’s faster to take your hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to click a button than it is to hit a keystroke. Now, it’s manifestly stupid that the keystroke to engage two of the most common Project tasks is so fucking buried — seriously, FOUR keys? — but even that is faster than mousing. W. T. F?

Clearly, no one is left at Microsoft that understood how fast the last good version of Word was (5.0 for DOS, baby; we still have our disks somewhere), or why WordPerfect was kicking their ass pre-Windows, or why real programmers still use emacs or vi or other power editors with rich keyboard interfaces. Goons.

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