Flood Report

I’m amazed — and pleased — at the attention I’ve received from far-flung friends and family about the Houston flooding. The answer is: I’m fine, and everything I own is precisely as dry as it should be. Thank God. For a while my street was more of a small river, but my it appears my townhouse is both far enough back and high enough (maybe 12-18″ up from the street) that water never seriously threatened my home. The Intrepid Dr. Science Girl wasn’t quite so lucky, and had water enough in her bedroom to soak her carpet, but no real property damage (or, rather, no damage to property that belonged to HER).

Perhaps the most amusing bit is this: many folks got marooned in bars Friday night, and were unable to leave until six-ish on Saturday morning. Oh, Damn!

A few links with flood photos. Some are quite dramatic, particularly the ones of US 59 and Interstate 10 (best at the Chronicle and the personal site).

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