3 thoughts on “If you tell Patrick about this, Diane will KILL you

  1. Meh. You get stuck with Big Head Han and cloth-jacketed jawa in the original 12-back set, and no blue Snaggletooth with the exanded New Hope set. You do get both the black and white Bespin guards from Empire, but there is no way of telling whether or not the white guy will have the fu-manchu or just a regular mustache. Also, if memory serves, there’s a Yoda snake variant and a green light saber variant for Bespin Luke that will not be included (no variations, just a full set). While a complete set of the RotJ figs would be cool, the expanded set with the coins would be a much more worthy investment.

    Ultimately, none of these are on-card, and since you are not getting any variants, the price tag seems a smidge high. You could probably do just as well if not better wandering the toy shows. I know the fan-boys are still dropping money on this sort of thing, but living in your ex-wife’s parent’s basement is pretty much a rent-free situation, so they have discretionary funds that we, the closed-mouth nostril-breathing normals, do not. Better yet, if you find yourself with three or four grand lying around exclusively earmarked for potential Star Wars investment, you would be better off sinking that into the original 12-back set on-card with pretty much ANY rating.

    I will, however, put in a ringing endorsement for Brian’s Toys. A+++ Seller Rating. Would defintely do business with them again.

  2. I had the orange snake, too, but there was a brown version of it as well. I think the orange is the rarer, but I could be wrong. At any rate, I don’t think I have the snake anymore.

    I had little head Han, but his neck broke. I got stuck with big head Han as a replacement and put him away without playing with it. I always thought little head Han looked more like Ford, or maybe I just didn’t like the freakishly large head. I never had the vinyl cape jawa. I’ve got the orignial 79 now, and I don’t have any plans to expand further. Besides, I hear Amanaman is a real bitch to find.