Things that will hurt your brane

As a direct result of a delightful yet convoluted series of social connections, last night I was engaged to attempt to repair a broken piece of video installation art at the home of a local collector. The gallery owner who sold the collector the piece is a friend of a friend, and because I’m widely perceived as being generally good with technology (by which I think people mean “he knows how to hook things up”), I got asked to help. I wasn’t able to do anything for them other than confirm that the screen portion needed replacing, but hey, you help your friends.

Anyway, the gallery owner had her assistant drive me out to this woman’s house, which was about half an hour away on Houston’s west side. Said assistant is the sort of bright-eyed, right-out-of-school type I remember being, which of course made me feel old because I have shoes older than she is. But I felt much, much older when, on the way back, we started discussing live music venues and bands we’d seen in them, and it came to light she’d never even heard of Steely Dan.


Well, if that hurts you, then what Joey DeVilla has up today will really break you. Prepare yourself for the shock that is What If Back To The Future Was Made Today.

Enjoy, if that’s the word for it.

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    What is clear is that it’s hilarious that I had to manually approve a comment by YOU, of all people. Heh.