If you blog from a Mac, you need MarsEdit

Astute Heathen (is there any other kind?) may have noticed a drastic uptick in output since the mid-January migration to the new platform, and there is a very, very simple reason for that: MarsEdit.

ME is a dedicated blogging client I run on my Mac. It does all the talking to the blog software for me, and frees me from having to type text into a web browser. It’s awesome.

I first starting using it long ago, but a couple years back there was some sort of shift in the underpinnings of Heathen that made kept it from working. (You can actually track roughly when this happened by looking at the post counts by month over in the archive section; the last month with as many posts as February 2012 was December 2007; there was a problem in early January of 2008.) We were always “just about” to fix it, until “just about” became years, and the fix became “migrate to something else because Movable Type is as dead as disco.”

But then a thing happened, and I ended up needing to bump my Mac up to Lion (about which I’m not particularly pleased), and post-Lion my copy of MarsEdit — which was a few versions behind — developed and annoying but minor tic. I wrote to support, basically expecting to be told to upgrade to the latest for full Lion compatibility, and that’s when I got surprised.

See, they did suggest that I just download the newest to see if that would solve the problem, but when it did they insisted on comping my upgrade. “We don’t know what the problem was, but you shouldn’t have had to upgrade to fix it. Here’s a key with our complements.”

Granted, we’re only talking about $15 here, but it’s still surprising. That’s some customer service right there, I tell you. Serious kudos to RedSweater Software for making a cool product, and standing behind it in a way big companies have long since forgotten how to do.

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