6 thoughts on “And now, the Bacon Lance

  1. I love that site. It has some of the most interesting things I have ever seen. Love the Prince Rupert Drops. Wow!

  2. Foodie friend. Pancetta is bacon. Prosciutto is ham. Thus the difference in quality of the meat. Further, Bacon is salted, often smoked, though the salt is what makes it. Prosciutto is salted for a while, washed and then dried. If you were to go to Parma and ask for bacon you would not get prosciutto. I understand D marco’s is opening a meat bar. Short of that we could go to Nundin’s and sample…

  3. Ah, the importance of semantics.

    If our category is “thinly sliced cured pork,” then they’re all of a piece. Proscuitto and American bacon are sometimes interchangeable in receipes, and all right-thinking carnivores love them both, hence: members of the bacon family.

    IOW, I take your meaning, but for comedic and bacon-lance purposes, they’re equivalent here. ;)

  4. We Cubans are into our pork. If you ever find yourself in Madrid there is a chain of stores called The Museum of Ham….