Suprise! More cops behaving badly.

This is rich.

Shawn Nee already has a pending lawsuit against the LA sheriff’s department, and now has photographic and video proof of their continued blatant disregard for the law.

This will not stop until more police are found personally liable. If a badged bully or two loses their house, maybe they’d get the message that they are not a law unto themselves.

Via The Agitator.

3 thoughts on “Suprise! More cops behaving badly.

  1. I have zero sympathy for this guy and everyone like him who choose to fuck with the police and then mess their diapers when they get pushback. I cheer, laugh, and point when people who act this way quite predictably wind up on the losing end of cause and effect.

    If he’d opted to shut the big, dumb, loud hole under his nose, backed off, and walked away instead of opting for his staccato smart ass confrontational comments, nothing would have happened here, but then again, if nothing happened here, there goes his shot at fucking the taxpayers out of a nice chunk of change, so why not at least take a shot and see if he hits the lottery? It’s a brilliant scam because the probability of sufficiently pissing off a cop such that something less than pleasant happens to you are so incredibly high that you only have to do this a few times before you win, win, win!

    It does not surprise me in the least that dealing with the potentially lethally violent scum of the earth on a daily basis shapes the personalities of cops, both the good ones and the bad ones, no matter who they’re dealing with at any particular moment. This is why one of the earliest and most basic life lessons is DON’T FUCK WITH THE COPS OR YOU’LL WISH YOU HADN’T. Yes, this includes smarting off and being a general pain in the ass. Would you shoot off your mouth at a guy with a gun who wasn’t wearing a police uniform? See ya at the coroners office, you conscientiously objecting freedom fighter!

    I’d like to see him try his act in Mexico.

  2. Given that I just heard that a new Garbage Pail Kids Movie is in the works, I would like to retract my above comment in its entirety without hesitation. This changes everything.

  3. Utter bollocks. Horseshit.

    Cops are expected to follow the rule of law. They do not get to make up law as they go. When they do, they should be smacked down HARD by their bosses and, if necessary, the courts.

    What these jackass Tactical Fifes did was illegal, and I sincerely hope they get educated as a result. A society that lets cops do what they want will quickly become a society where the police are unaccountable. We do not want to live in a place like that, I’m pretty sure.

    Will it cost departments and cities some money to get this settled? Probably. What’s criminal is that it’s very hard to sue misbehaving cops personally. If that weren’t the case, I suspect fewer cops would try to get away with bullying those they’re sworn to protect.