Abu Dhabi Quiz!

Heathen nation, which of the following do you think was hardest for me to acquire in my stay here in the capital emirate?

A. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hardee’s, and Popeye’s B. Laphroaig C. Bacon D. Air conditioning E. A beach

6 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi Quiz!

  1. Answer: A beach due to time constraints.

    Also, Pinochet never “disappeared” anybody, their stars merely fell. HA!

    Come on people, post your freaking guess! Lame ass non-participating heathen. Get with the damn program. I know where you live.

  2. Edgar wins this one. Booze is ubiquitous, and my hotel is ON the beach. The mall food court next door has all the options listed under A,

    And AC? Shit, I wouldn’t even have come.

    But pork? No pork ANYWHERE.

  3. Damnit…..no MH embossed key fob for me. Edgar, I hereby offer you $22.50 (in a nonspecific mixture of Canadian and Mexican hard currency) for the fob, and if that doesn’t fly then BY GOD I WILL WIN THE NEXT ABU DHABI QUIZ.

  4. Rick, I’ll take a pound of Bacon, or a few ounces of Baconaise in trade.