What Republicans mean when they say “religious liberty”

This is hilarious:

We told you last week about Louisiana’s new plan for educating its youth, which is to stop having a plan for educating its youth and just dump everybody into classrooms owned by private companies that replace teachers with Moses Explains Algebra on VHS.

They’re set to steer tens of millions of dollars into the new privatization program, which pays for vouchers that parents can use to send their children to religious schools. Gov. Bobby Jindal said the state was “changing the way we deliver education,” which is a lot like Domino’s saying it’s changing the way it delivers pizza by locking up the store and telling everyone to buy a Hot Pocket from the Vatican. In any case, Louisiana Republicans loved the plan. Until a group of folks showed up to ruin the whole thing: Muslims.

(From Slacktivist’s excellent post.)

One thought on “What Republicans mean when they say “religious liberty”

  1. “Swamp people”? Wow. The tone over at Wonkette appears to have changed sharply for the worse. She appears to have replaced her signature snark with crazed, unrelenting bile and venom. Each and every headline over there is a laughably absurd, rage-filled contrivance. Wonkette needs to get some happy, one way or the other. Yikesville. I won’t be going there again; I might get some on me.