Abu Dhabi MiniPost: About the weather

I just wen to lunch. I rode my bike the six blocks rather than walk, because that would lead to a net lower amount of exposure to the HOLY JESUS ON A POGOSTICK ITS HOT weather we’re having.

People in Abu Dhabi asked me how I liked the heat in exactly the same way Chicagoans will ask the reverse question of visitors in January. The locals seemed mildly disappointed that I was able to report, after a little arithmetic, that the coast of the UAE isn’t much hotter or more humid than Houston. We’re normally a little cooler — 95, not 105 — but some days we lose the gap.

Today’s one of those days.

Screen Shot 2012 06 26 at 2 07 13 PM

(I will say the flight home led to the only time I’ve ever gotten off a plane in Houston and felt mild relief and not oppressive humidity; all things are relative.)

One thought on “Abu Dhabi MiniPost: About the weather

  1. Upon moving back to Houston after living in Hong Kong from ’76 to ’79, I recall noticing that the climate was essentially identical- no adjustment required.