Attention: Dudes My Age

The nearly-exhaustive Bionic Wiki might well eat your afternoon if you ever had one of these or one of these. The level of attention to detail — plot summaries! discussions of contradictions! chronologies! — is astonishing.

Incidentally, the list of toys hilariously confirms my recent recollection of the fundamentally sexist divide between Six Million Dollar Man toys and counterparts created for The Bionic Woman. In lieu of the Command Center, for example, Ms Sommers had to make do with a Bionic Beauty Salon.

Via this excellent Mefi post.

One thought on “Attention: Dudes My Age

  1. I bought the first season of the Six Million Dollar Man this past Xmas. I sat down with my boy to watch the pilot, and started reciting the intro before the music started. That’s when Dusty Springfield’s version of the theme started, and Diane said that the expression on my face was something akin to a little boy who opened a big box full of socks rather than the toy he’d expected. Such a hideous theme…