Things that need to stop

Recently, businesses that have my cell number have decided it’d be okay to text me.

I disagree. Texts are fine if you’re my friend, or co-worker, or know me in some legitimate way. However, I am in no way okay with receiving automated texts of any kind.

So far, the only actual recourse I’ve found is to insist that these businesses delete my cell number. It’s apparently now a given that, if they have that number, they’ll generate automated texts. There’s no opt-out, short of zapping the number, which is annoying — if they want to call me, that’s fine. I just don’t want the texts.

It turns out that there ARE ways to block some kinds of automated texts, but I’m not 100% sure this will work — the culprits for me are reservation or appointment systems, but it does seem possible that they’re using the same internet-gateway type approach.

2 thoughts on “Things that need to stop

  1. Oh, my brother. If I remember correctly (and there is a distinct possibility I haven’t) you really dislike texts. Of course, there is also a distinct possibility I do not fall under the “friend, or co-worker, or know me in some legitimate way” categories.

    For what it is worth, I also find automated texts as a thing that needs to stop.


  2. No, I love texts from people for immediate stuff. Anything async oughta be email, tho.

    Automated texts? F that.