Mmm, toy nostalgia!

Action Figure Explosion!

Dig the “flame suit” on the Human Torch, which is even more halfassed than the “rock suit” on the Thing. At least the Hulk is vaguely Hulky, if completely undersized.

One thought on “Mmm, toy nostalgia!

  1. I had 12 of those figures, including the aforementioned Hulk and the Tarzan next to him. I could never figure out why they put Tarzan in the long-johns. I ditched them, but even then I didn’t like the Fred Flintstone-esque jungle rags, so I ditched those, too. That left Tarzan running around in blue undies, which made me even less happy. For some reason, I was also convinced that my Tarzan’s nose was much larger than it should be, so I tried to trim it by biting the bridge of the nose off. What I managed to do instead was to bite the entire end of his nose off, so I hid him in the bottom of my toy box. Periodically, I would find him, wonder just what the heck I was thinking, and then bury him in the toy box again. The last time I saw him was when my parents were moving to Florida, and I unearthed a box full of dry-rotted toys in the crawlspace as I helped them clean out the house. I finally threw him away once and for all, but now I wish I had hidden him in the crawlspace to be found later by archaeologists or something, bitten nose and all.