6 thoughts on “Today’s Depressing Fact

  1. Easy questions. Got a 100%. But, I wouldn’t call these science questions as they do not require any knowledge of the scientific method, mathematics or specialized vocabulary. These are more or less general knowledge questions that anyone who reads newspapers could get right. A real science question would be more along the lines of “If the Hawking-Penrose Singularity Theorems are a set of results in general relativity, do you think knowing about them would help you get a date with one of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders? If yes, which one?”

  2. The questions are basic. The sadness is people who don’t know them. 12 for 12.

  3. This is a flawed quiz — everyone knows that tsunamis are actually caused by the awakening of Godzilla.

    (Oh, and 12 for 12 here, too, thank God.)

  4. Okay, I’m going to admit that I missed the water on Mars question (11 of 12 correct), but I missed it because they recently found evidence of bacteria which was not a choice. I chose mold for some reason that I have yet to fathom–yes, I know they aren’t the same thing.

    For the record, I asked a calculus teacher colleague of mine to take it, and she missed the one about lasers. I think the test would have been a better test of recollection (simple recall, not application of knowledge) if it was fill-in-the-blank. I imagine age also is a factor (my friend is 62).