Today’s Winner in the Stupid Service Provider Category


Think of them as sort of a corporate Dropbox, kinda; we use it for all the kinds of file exchange we need to do with customers, including distribution of software as well as the exchange of log files or databases for troubleshooting. It’s secure, and has features that allow us to set up folders with limited permissions to segregate clients & etc.

What’s bone stupid is their support, and especially their reporting.

First, there is no way to get a total of your disk usage in real time. This is vexing, because they charge for storage overages. Cleanup operations are necessarily multi-day affairs, because the report showing disk space is only updated overnight.

Yeah, I know. It gets more impressive, though.

Second, what reporting they provide astonishingly bad. Every one — storage, bandwidth, charges, etc. — lacks a total. I’m serious. Who runs a report without wanting a total? Even the “summary” reports lack totals — thereby calling into question just exactly what they’re summarizing.

“But Chief Heathen,” you ask, “can’t you just download the data and get the totals yourself?” Well, yeah, sort of. But you don’t escape the halfwittery that way; turns out, the “Excel” format bandwidth report (for example) has the bandwidth column explicitly formatted as text, so you can’t get a total without manually recasting the column first.

That’s an extra step on top of additional extra steps that shouldn’t be required. This service isn’t cheap. I should be able to log into the administrative back end and quickly see bandwidth usage by month, charges applied by type, etc., but ShareFile doesn’t seem to think that’s important. Since their self-service plan sucks so badly, their phone reps ought to be able to give me this data — but they can’t do that, either.

Heathen Central recommends you shop elsewhere.

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