A Brief Summary of the Last Several Minutes

“Hey, I need to figure out how many times I’ve done [thing I do with email], so I need to gin up a fancy search.”

(Fiddles with native search tools. Curses.)

“Hey, didn’t I see something about a cool search utility for Apple Mail somewhere?”

(Checks local notes.)

“Yup, sure did! And there’s a free trial! Man, this is gonna be easy!”

(Downloads. Installs. Runs.)

“Oh. Right.”

Screen Shot 2013 07 19 at 3 56 30 PM

(The sad thing is that this doesn’t represent even most of my mail; I don’t have anything like complete archives for stuff pre-1999/2000, which for me means 12-13 years are missing. On the other hand, the index will happen faster as a result.)

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