Things I Wish I Knew

How, when I was checking in at exactly 24 hours prior to my flight, my boarding pass for my Southwest flight home tomorrow is A52.

I get the first 15 are reserved for Business Select. That’s fine. But I refuse to believe that 36 other people checked in before I did.


2 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Knew

  1. As hard as they try, they are certainly creeping towards the other carriers in nickel and diming. They are. Sure, you still get a free bag, and a bag of peanuts. But the days of SWA having cheap fuel are over and I don’t think they are innovative enough to fundamentally change the market without having the GIANT advantage of winning on fuel speculation. They are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to play on the same numbers as others. Still, they tend to do things better. For the time being. My giant fear is that they lose even that and become, gasp, American.