Last year, according to my year-end statements from various airlines and hotels, I spent about 81 nights in hotels (68 of them in one Hyatt in Kansas (plus 2 more in other Hyatts); 5 more in other KC hotels; 3 at a Sheraton on Phoenix; and another 3 or so at random hotels for family events), and took about 65 flights — which was enough to secure both Elite status at Continental and A-list membership with Southwest.

No wonder I’m tired.

4 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Not bad. I did about the same number of flight segments, but focused on AA. End of the year was about 102K miles total. Just got back and I already have about 10K in 2010 already. I’m not flying anywhere for a while!!

  2. The flight that gives me the most miles is hou-dfw-nrt-bkk. A couple of trips to Bangkok nets quite a few miles. Lots of trips to Bethesda and out to San Diego and a bunch of other random domestic flights. I won’t fly nearly that much this year…except for at least 2 trips to thailand.