Marriott Redux

The designers are clearly on crack, but the staff isn’t.

The bad news, then, is that I have to put pants on. But the good news is that my pants-wearing is so the hotel staff can bring me another TV, and a piece of furniture to put it on, so that the hotel room works like every other hotel room in America.


3 thoughts on “Marriott Redux

  1. while staying in a big hotel chain in France, not only did they put the tv not facing the bed but the couch, but since they had the horseshit TV internet crap, the router was located next to the tv, about 30 yards form the nice marble desk. Had to drag the coffee table over to make impromptu desk. By the way, internet connections at fortune 500 companies overseas are running on speeds I have not seen since dial up.

  2. Oh, no surprise there. It’s the dark side of state monopoly telecom, and a culture that doesn’t prize customer satisfaction as much as we do.

    Although many Euro (and Asian) nations DO have domestic broadband options that make ours LOOK like dial up, btw.

  3. The question we should all be asking is why Chet was attempting to watch TV without pants.

    My best hotel story is when I got bumped up to a suite once. There was a full bathroom I didn’t discover until the second day.