This is bad. Do not support this.

Apple has released the guidelines for its new “Mac App Store,” and they’re basically the same as for the iPhone: an iron hand controlling the whole process, no guarantee of placement, a 30% cut to Apple, and a whole lot of rules that limit content.

Walled garden crap like this is objectionable on a phone, but Apple’s getting away with it because of how fragmented the market has been. Walled garden bullshit on a real desktop platform is complete and utter horseshit, and deserves to be denounced from every quarter. Seriously, Steve, fuck this. It’s obnoxious and controlling, and could seriously damage your platform.

2 thoughts on “This is bad. Do not support this.

  1. What’s wrong with programmer getting 70%? When they introduced this scheme on the Iphone it was reported that programmers were falling all over themselves due to the rich payout.

  2. It’s a huge and greedy grab when, right now, Apple gets 0% of a dev’s revenue.

    The bigger problem is the level of control this implies Apple would like to exert over the desktop experience. I don’t want Steve deciding which programs I can run on my MBP in the same way he does my phone.