TSA: Now even MORE obnoxious

Because people are justifiably uncomfortable with the “naked scan” aspects of the new backscatter x-ray machines in airports, and because more than a few have wondered at the health implications of these things, there’s a growing backlash. People are insisting on a manual patdown instead of the x-ray, as is their right.

Well, the jerkoffs at TSA have decided to make the patdowns more intrusive, and the clear implication is that they want them to be more uncomfortable, more degrading, and more humiliating so that you’ll be a good little drone and take your x-ray dose like they want you to.

Fuck. That.

Here’s a counterplan: Let’s all refuse the scans. Sure, it’s annoying to have some halfwit pawing your junk, but we’re not the ones who’ll spend 8 hours a day doing the junk-pawing.

So let’s try to put an end to security theatre. Let’s take back our rights, along with our dignity. Let’s remember what Ben Franklin taught us, that those who sacrifice liberty for security (or worse, the illusion of security) deserve neither. Let’s find our balls, and then make them touch ‘em.


One thought on “TSA: Now even MORE obnoxious

  1. Dude, I agree with you. It has gotten ridiculous and I don’t think it’s very effective. If someone wants to take down a plane, they’re going to take it down. I think it should go back to the way it was prior to 9/11 and spend all of that money to hire more sky marshals and adopt the Israeli model of crowd profiling.

    ….or just let all of us good ole boys bring our own “homeland security”.