3 thoughts on “More on the Pornoscanners at airports

  1. Good God! Some of those images are of people who aren’t even inside the designated irradiation zone! That would suggest that it’s not even safe to stand anywhere near the machine, much less in the barrel of the x-ray gun.

  2. I’m going to take a handful of viagra before arriving at the airport. I’ll also ask them to picture me from my left, which is my best side.

  3. Don’t you understand? The pat down is all I have left to me. Please don’t take away my sweet, sweet pat down. I’ve been known to fly back and forth to Corpus Christi three times daily strictly for the pat down value.

    Those images on the Fly With Dignity site are certainly compelling, but I think they might have been more effective if they’d stopped just short of the tear-soaked eyeliner/mascara streaming down the face vibe. I can honestly see some viewers mistaking that presentation for bad satire.

    Using highly charged rape imagery to protest hideous TSA policy and procedure strikes me as being somewhat off key. Is it not important to steer clear of hyperbole and sanctimony when mounting this kind of legitimate protest effort?