This Just In: Apparently, Wisconsin has Asian Rednecks

This is top-story CNN stuff, but a shooting this weekend erupted over a deer stand in Wisconsin. Said shooting — by a trespassing hunter named Chai Vang — left five dead and three injured. This story has a variety of odd points, but we’ll point out a few we notice:

  • First, see post title.
  • Vang was hunting with an SKS, a precursor to the AK-47, and the article calls this “unusual.” In my experience, an SKS isn’t all that unusual as a hunting rifle choice, given the cost (frequently very, very low) and the gun nut cache of hunting with a military-style weapon. They are correct that, typically speaking, such military rifles are not as accurate as an actual hunting rifle, nor is the cartridge as powerful as that of many popular hunting calibers; .308, .30-06, etc., are much stronger — this despite the article’s description of his gun as a “high-powered assault weapon”.
  • We consider ourselves fortunate that we did not have a similar experience several years ago when we ejected trespassing hunters from our land in Mississippi; we are unsure to what we should attribute this, since our homegrown Mississippi rednecks are sure to be more hardcore than Wisconsin transplants.
  • In any case, most states have such a huge overpopulation of deer (due in no small part to the fact that while we tolerate herbivores just fine, we’ve basically eliminated the predators that eat the herbivores, creating an ecological imbalance) that finding some to hunt is pretty fucking easy — certainly easier, say, than getting away with shooting a bunch of people over a tree stand. From this we may infer that Vang is, in addition to being a redneck, also an unbalanced idiot.

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