In which we point out that other people seem to have enjoyed it, too

The oft-linked Mike seems to have enjoyed our wedding, though he does take certain liberties in his recap. In a later entry, he makes clear a sentiment we’ve heard much of in re: the reception food:

Chet and Erin’s wedding had, without a doubt, the best food of any wedding I’ve ever been to. I mean, even though I think my wife took to feeding me cake to stop me from talking to other women, I didn’t really mind.

Said food was from Jill Rubenstein and PersonalChefsNYC. She and her husband David ROCK THE HOUSE. They rule. Totally. Mike’s opinion of the food was shared widely at the reception. While Jill didn’t do the cake (that was the aptly-named Who Made The Cake?, with whom we are also very pleased), she was responsible for everything else that our guests ate or drank, including a pseudocustom cocktail. She was also, while not cheap, quite reasonable. HIGHLY recommended.

While we’re talking about awesome, we should also note our Crack Wedding Officiation and Documentation Team. David outdid himself with our beautiful pictures, and his fantastic wife was the best darn officiant EVAR; many folks complimented us on the service she put together around our (scant) input. It should also be noted that it was in fact David who pointed us to Jill, whom we first met through Spacetaker‘s launch party last year. Awesomeness abounds.

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