Adere Est Porkcere

IM, just now:

KittyKitty: hey man
KittyKitty: uhhmm, puerco
KittyKitty: are these meat eaters friends of your or 
KittyKitty: do you troll for all things prok
UberChet: I have a blog. People send me things.
UberChet: But I really need to go to spain/portugal, as I believe 
UberChet: them to be Porkvana.
KittyKitty: I have been to both. I have eaten pork in both
UberChet: Am I right?
KittyKitty: I think Ireland is prok heaven
UberChet: heh.
KittyKitty: pork that is
UberChet: porn:pr0n::pork:pr0k
KittyKitty: In England I achieved pork perfection
KittyKitty: English bacon on a buttered bagguette. 
KittyKitty: Simple, elegent and bacony
KittyKitty: uuhhhhm
UberChet: stop it, you're making me hard.
KittyKitty: I hpoe you mean lard
KittyKitty: hence the Ozzie termed "cracked a fat"
UberChet: heh
UberChet: ozzie or cockney rhyme?
KittyKitty: ozzie
KittyKitty: I have often wondered who would win in a bacon off
KittyKitty: Good ol' US streaky
UberChet: on that note,I made a hell of a carbonara over last weekend.
KittyKitty: versus Euro hame llike products
UberChet: Mmm, pasta, bacon, and eggs.
KittyKitty: heh
KittyKitty: go to an Irish pub and order a Bacon Butty
KittyKitty: yum
KittyKitty: ever wanna go to the salad bar and just get the bacon bits...
KittyKitty: oh stop you know have
UberChet: I'm so ashamed.
KittyKitty: we are only men
KittyKitty: and it is bacon
KittyKitty: crack for fat white guys
KittyKitty: if you could snort it we'd all have a greasy upper lip
KittyKitty: obviously I am very bored today
KittyKitty: send me more links
KittyKitty: please....just 1 more
UberChet: I'm totally putting this conversation on my blog.
KittyKitty: heh
KittyKitty: "keep a slick upper lip" the bacon snorters motto
KittyKitty: "Adere Est Porkcere"
KittyKitty: "To dare is to eat prok"

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