March 13

Today is my birthday. According to a whole mess of sites I’m too lazy to link in here, I share it with:

  • Percival Lowell, astronomer, 1855
  • Hugh Walpole, writer, 1884
  • L. Ron Hubbard, “entrepreneur,” 1911
  • William J. Casey, crooked Iran-Contra uberspook, 1913
  • Al Jaffee, MAD Magazine artist, 1921
  • Clarence Nash, voice of Donald Duck, 1936
  • Neil Sedaka, singer, 1939
  • William H. Macy, darned good actor, 1950
  • Dana Delaney, acceptable actor, 1956
  • Adam Clayton, U2, 1960

It is my sincere hope that the inclusion of Clayton, Macy, Jaffee, and a few others compensates for Casey and Hubbard. Hope hope hope.

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