This. Is. Awesome.

This man is brilliant.

A MAN bought a first-class ticket and used it to have free meals and drinks at the airport’s VIP lounge almost every day for nearly a year, Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported.

The itinerary for the ticket was found to have been changed more than 300 times within a year, and the owner of the ticket used it to enjoy the facilities at the airport’s VIP lounge in Xi’an in Shaanxi, China.

The rare case was discovered by a China Eastern Airlines staff member, who then decided to investigate.

When the ticket’s validity was almost up, the passenger cancelled it for a refund.

One thought on “This. Is. Awesome.

  1. I don’t blame him. The finest airport lounge I have ever been in, was in Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific). All inclusive Top shelf wine and Spirits, various food choices made to order and furniture that looked like a Milanese shop. Had they a bed, I would of cancelled my hotel.