How the airlines hate you

James Fallows has a post over at the Atlantic noting how often a “mileage award” seat was available from each of several airlines.

The clear winner? Southwest, at 99.3%. Continental didn’t do TOO badly at 71.4% (they’re also the highest ranked major/traditional US carrier); United is right behind them at 68.6%. American notches 57.9%, and at the bottom, we find Delta with 12.9% and USAir with 10.7%.

2 thoughts on “How the airlines hate you

  1. And, as a resident of Charlotte, guess which airline I’m usually forced to fly? Yep, the good people at USAir, who really do hate you.

  2. As a frequent flier, it would be very difficult for me to move to a location without (a) excellent and broad air coverage by (b) an airline that doesn’t suck.

    I’m astonished at the byzantine routes some of my friends and family have to take because of their locations or carriers or both.