Travelling Scots

My friend Lindsey has run away to Russia for reasons that escape me. She said something about “job” and such, but for the love of Mike it’s cold there.

Anyway, she’s doing the online diary thing, and is courteous enough to link back to NoGators, so the least I can do is point out her site. Live, direct from Ronnie’s Evil Empire, it’s LindseyNet!

Now Don’t Struggle!

This will only sting a bit, and you may feel some pressure.

The main news: there is no longer any such thing as “Some Arrant Knaves I Know.” I’ve moved it to the web, at this very address. You may still submit stuff to me if’n you want. In fact, I encourage it. It makes my life easier.

Okay, not really, but it helps to think you’re paying attention.

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