Okay, this rocks.

I may want one of these more even than a new iPod. It’s a networkable stereo component that reads your digital music collection and spits it out as RCA analog stereo or fiber-optic digital, suitable for consumption by any decent stereo rig. Pair it with the Linksys WET11 and really large RAID array, and I might never have to touch a CD again.

Two War Bits by Brits

The U.K. has had, in general, far better coverage of the war and its surrounding events than the overwhelmingly-rah-rah-rah US media. Here are two stories you may find interesting, not in the least because they provide starkly different information on two war-related topics.

First, this coverage of the events surrounding the dramatic rescue of Jessica Lynch.

Second, another story concerning some (non-fissile) nuclear material, and the US’s failure to guard said even after we knew it was there. While you can’t make a true nuke with this stuff, it’s perfectly fine for a “dirty bomb.” If we care so much about stopping these things…

Dept. of Ignorant Bigots & etc.

Some folks out in Arizona (with the requisite white-supremacist ties) have taking to patrolling the Mexican border and shooting at those attempting to cross. Anti-immigrant folks are forming vigilante squads to address what they see as the authorities’ failure at protecting us from immigrants. They appear to have missed the part about how they themselves are also immigrants, unless their names are “Red Cloud” or “Running Bear.”

What’s happening to my country?

Other People Talking about Still Other People Talking.

Copied, verbatim, from jwz’s livejournal:

A talk given at the Directors Guild of America. He says some interesting things about the history of mass media, dead people, the music industry, and then goes totally gonzo at the end: keep reading until you get to the part where he starts talking about the ubiquitous-computing vaseline and the dog heads.

It’s a fine day when you read something like that. It’s even better that it’s a link to William Gibson.

June Carter Cash, 1929 – 2003

June Carter Cash, one of half of one of country music’s great royal families, died today of complications from heart surgery. She was 73.

In 1950, the 21-year-old June Carter made her Grand Ole Opry debut. Eleven years later, in 1961, the Carters joined Johnny Cash’s road show; it was Carter who wrote Cash’s #1 hit “Ring of Fire” in 1963, a song she later said was about being in love with him; they were married in 1968, and remained so for the rest of her life. She won a Grammy in 1999 for Best Traditional Folk Album (for Press On). She appeared onstage last month at the CMT 2003 Video Music Awards to accept an award on behalf of Johnny, then ailing with pneumonia. [ CMT coverage]

This Just In: Democrats Grow A Spine

In the event you haven’t heard: 52 Texas House Democrats have broken quorum to protest a new redistricting measure being pushed through by the GOP majority. The Republicans control the House, but 100 members (2/3) must be present for any business to transpire.

Gov. Rick “Good Hair” Perry has dispatched the Texas Rangers to arrest the wayward Dems, which of course only works if they were foolish enough to stay in Texas; reports this morning place them in Oklahoma, and even our last Governor knows that’s not part of Texas.

The best part of this whole affair may well be the New Mexico Attorney General Patrica Madrid’s response to Perry’s request that she allow the Rangers to make arrests in her state (from this story):

Madrid said the question is being researched. But she wasn’t taking it all serious. “Some are speculating this request from the Texas Governor’s office concerns an effort to locate missing Texas House Democrats,” Madrid wrote. “If so, Texas should understand that since ski season is over, the Santa Fe Opera has not begun and President Bush was just in town, I don’t think they are in Santa Fe now. Nevertheless, I have put out an all-points bulletin for law enforcement to be on the look out for politicians in favor of health care for the needy and against tax cuts for the wealthy.”

Another View on the Price Rollback

This editorial ran in the UA paper The Crimson White. I fear he may be absolutely correct. Sure, Price acted a fool in Florida. I’m not convinced others haven’t done far worse things, and I’m certainly not convinced that Price’s conduct is the actual reason he was shown the door. Big-time college atheletics is a morally ambiguous game from the get-go; for UA to suddenly decide it’s a moralizing institution is a bit of a stretch.

“It’s Rollin’! It’s Rollin’!”

The continuing sad saga of Coach of the Week at my once-mighty alma mater. Crack Nogators New York/Oceana Legal Correspondent A. P. provides this account of his alleged sins, and notes

I never get this kind of after-hours attention from the strip clubs I frequent.

On an even more surreal note, I offer the following headline from the Crimson White, UA’s student paper: [University President] Witt talks to Jesse Jackson as coaching search continues. Make of this what you will.


From The Onion’s coverage of the deadly Chicago Meatwave:

Meateorologists speculate that the deadly meatwave was caused by a stationary high-protein ridge extending along the shore of Lake Michigan. They fear that Milwaukee and Kansas City could be next.

Mmmmm. Geek Lust.

The new iPods have a docking station with a line out jack (well, except for the little one, which doesn’t ship with the dock). This means all sorts of good things become much easier, including car mounts and stereo integration. Must. Have.

Shut up and get back in the handbasket.

The State Department thinks Canada has too much freedom. Add this to the new Loyalty Day proclamation issued from the White House, and things start to feel a little weird. Is the Two Minutes Hate far behind? (Yes, I know LD has been proclaimed by prior presidents; it’s still a little creepy, and creepier still coming from this guy.)

Finally, to complete the trifecta, go even further and note that the Administration is blocking the release of a 9/11 report presumably containing evidence that the whole thing could have been prevented if our existing guidelines had actually been followed:

At the center of the dispute is a more-than-800-page secret report prepared by a joint congressional inquiry detailing the intelligence and law-enforcement failures that preceded the attacksĂ·including provocative, if unheeded warnings, given President Bush and his top advisers during the summer of 2001.

Does anyone NOT think these three links represent problems?

PATRIOTs on Parade

Maybe you’re tired of hearing about this Goddamnned civil-liberaties-destroying law. I know I am. But this has got to STOP. Write your congressman. PATRIOT must be allowed to die, and PATRIOT-II must be aborted. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. (Burke)