Grouchy but Probably Right

No, I’m not talking about me.

The Austin Chronicle’s Harvy Pekar has cut loose on Ken Burns’ Jazz documentary. While I am enjoying the film for the most part, Pekar makes some valid points that are worth discussing (including the by-now-oft-noted point that Burns essentially stops in 1960; the last 40 years are crammed into the final episode). Long, but worth a look.

American Mohneytrope, My Ass

International playboy and raconteur Chris Mohney, the driving force behind that largely (okay, completely) forgotten online zines WordGun and Xora (neither of which even exist as dead sites anymore), has made himself a short movie, and he’s a-hawkin’ it on the Internet.

Check out Piper, starring Joey Norwood and Karsten Propper.

Dept. of Estate Planning

Now, really, how early is too early?

The good people at The Spark have provided the Death Test. Accordingly, I expect to shuffle off this mortal coil on February 11, 2048, just shy of my 78th birthday. I’m reasonably confortable with this; it’s the 9% chance that the cause of death will be “electrolysis” that bothers me, not to mention the 5% chance of “wild animal mauling.”


In keeping with the theory that the most amusing things about the U.K. are the bits they got wrong (for example, ), I provide this glimpse via the Arizona Republic of the famed London Guardian’s Corrections and Amplifications section.

New Year Quickies

There are times when I wonder about my decorating skills — as opposed, of course, to not giving a damn about my decorating skills, which is most of the rest of the time. Using this site as a reference, however, allows me a certain degree of confidence.

In the event you find yourself becoming amorous with a Victorian, the standard moans and wails may not be appropriate. Fortunately, someone has addressed this pressing issue.