I’ve made a change to the site to reduce (i.e., eliminate) my dependency on somebody else’s (i.e., Blogger, who still don’t have a business plan) servers and software.

Miscellaneous Heathen now runs Noah Grey’s Greymatter system. This probably doesn’t matter to anybody except the geeks among you (and you know who you are (and so do I (HDANCN?))), but does have one obvious effect: the default page is now two entries long.

If you haven’t come around in a bit, wander over to the archives and check out the old Blogger file for July. There’s some neat stuff. But, then again, I think all this stuff is neat.

“You are doing fine. You are doing all right…”

Literary giant Eudora Welty died today in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. She was 92. Her literary career includes a Pulitzer Prize (in 1973, for The Optimist’s Daughter) as well as the National Book Critics Award, the American Book Award, several O. Henry awards, and the Medal of Freedom (presented to her by fellow Southerner Jimmy Carter in 1980).

The headline for this entry comes from a fan letter of sorts sent to Welty in 1943. At the time, her work was gathering mixed reviews, largely (I’ll wager) because she was writing over the critics’ heads. After William Faulkner had a chance to read “The Robber Bridegroom,” he took it upon himself to send along some encouragement. Doing all right, indeed.

Umm, Right.

I don’t think the advertisement referenced here necessarily communicates exactly what Microsoft wants us to think about Office XP. Maybe things are just different in Germany. (Link updated to point to the Register after MS removed the ad from their own servers.)

The Best Legal Ruling Ever

At least in terms of comedy. Check this out. By the way, it’s authentic — my brother found it in Westlaw. Moral: Judges can pretty much say any damn thing they want, which sorta puts [former Microsoft antitrust trial judge] Thomas Penfold Jackson’s comments into perspective.

Dept. of Time Sinks

Today, I present a double threat: the fiendishly addictive Snood, and the best damn online golf game you’ve ever seen. Enjoy.

Update/Warning:: It has been pointed out to me that Snood for Windows actually installs something else, too, without giving you the option to skip it. This is bad, bad, bad behavior, and there’s no justification for it. Additionally, it has been suggetsed that Snood makes unauthorized use of your Internet connection, though I have not yet verified this claim. Exercise caution.

Dialog with the Snood author has been pretty fruitless except that he’s given me a link to a Gator-free version of Snood. Both links here are now to that version.

I love this country.

Remember that stripper/runner who was cut from the Cal State-Fullerton cross country team because of her job choice? They’ve reinstated her, based largely on the fact that they were about to be sued into oblivion. My favorite part of the story is this sentence:

Meanwhile, Rios continues to dance part-time at Anaheim’s Flamingo Club, a nude juice bar where she earns money to pursue her studies in kinesiology.

I can’t decide if this reminds me more of Thomas Pynchon or Carl Hiaasen.