We’re Sorry

Look. We admit it. We know there are sometimes things that we post here that are horrible. Ridiculous. Painful, even. Maybe visiting this page has gotten someone into trouble with a spouse, a lover, a co-worker, a boss, or even the clergy. That we know this, publically acknowledge it, and yet not change compounds the sin immeasurably.

And yet, you keep coming back. For you, the determined sort not yet sufficiently burned, offended, or morally compromised to realize the error of your ways, we present the GeezerSqueezer.

Dept. of Excellent Fan Sites

LilBill.net is a fan site devoted to a Saturday morning cartoon called “The Adventures of Li’l Bill & Hill,” which ran from 1993 to 2000. The show, clearly patterned on the Clinton administration, followed the lives of the gang at White House Elementary (like the Simpsons, they never seemed to age). This site — which purports to be the only fan site of its kind, and I believe him — includes episode and character listings (complete with guest star and voice actor credits) as well as a reasonably complete survey of show-related collectable items.

Of course, the real kicker is that it’s all fiction; no such show ever existed. I love this. AMAZING.

Dept. of More Stuff That Pisses Me Off, and also some Clowns

Bear with me. I’ll be funny again (indeed, if ever I was such a thing) soon.

First up, we have the inimitable P. J. O’Rourke venting about airport (in)security in the current Atlantic Monthly. Of course, complaining is probably tantamount to treason under Mullah Ashcroft, but P. J. marches on.

Then we’ve got this administration’s first big scandal, right here in my own backyard. Senior NoGators Political Correspondent E. Willis (seen here, at left, with editor) points out this bit from the Washington Post, which puts things in perspective. Also, ABCNews.com is running a particularly disturbing story that makes it abundantly clear that Lay & co. knew their empire was a house of cards.

Oh, yes. The clowns. Late last night I found this running on HBO. It’s a fifteen minute short on the difficulties and discrimination facing clowns in America, even in this day and age. Brilliant.

Dept. of Creeping Fascism, Bush Family Style

When I was in Florida right before Christmas, the plight of University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian was all over the local news, but nowhere else. Now Salon has picked up the story, and thank God for that. This professor has been fired as a result of a witch hunt centering around him making “provocative statements,” which (last I checked) were also Constitutionally protected free speech, especially for an academic. The USF president should be ashamed, and so should the entire university community.

I fear this kind of thing far, far more than I fear terrorists. Enemies with bombs are one thing; enemies in our own country systematically destroying the whole point of our nation is something far, far worse. Read this article.