Five Years and Still Snarky

Five years ago today, we turned our email list into the first incarnation of Miscellaneous Heathen. Nearly 3,000 posts later, here we are. With what AWStats says is 5K+ unique visitors a month and around 80K hits a month, we figure a few more people than the original Arrant Knaves list are stopping by to participate in this rather public hobby.

Feeling nostalgic? Feel free to give the Archives a visit.

Comment Warning

Certain other Heathen have been bitten by the comment-scrubber in overnight processing, so we want to take this chance to remind you all that certain words will get your comments automatically removed by a job that runs every night at midnight or so.

The forbidden words are (case-insensitive):


p style=”margin-left: 4%”> incest viagra cialis rape href beastiality cum phentermine hydrocodone vicodin green-card-lottery buy-rolex rolex-replica poker-room

N.B. that “href” is among the forbidden terms. This means you cannot put a link in your comments. Sorry. However, you CAN put in a bare URL, and rely on the above-average population of Heathen to figure out how to copy and paste it into their browsers.