The best story you’ll read about Nirvana, Soundgarden, and the US Special Forces

Jason Everman was kicked out of Nirvana just before they hit it big. Then he was kicked out of Soundgarden, just before THEY hit it big.

Then he joined the Rangers and, eventually, the Special Forces, and now he’s a student at Columbia.


He is, predictably, quiet about it. And thank God, because otherwise he’d be the guy who could say he was in Nirvana, and in Soundgarden, and in the Special Forces, and no one would ever believe him.

How Right-Wing Fundies Embrace Religious Pluralism

This morning, at a Louisville Starbuck’s, I saw this bumper sticker:


In case it’s not clear, let me spell it out for you: It says “Contradict” in the same style as the now-ubiquitous “Coexist” stickers, with the tagline “They can’t all be true.” Threatened by an America where they’re no longer the overwhelmingly dominant demographic gropu, they’ve taken a message of tolerance and turned it into a means to run around telling people their faith is superior, which I’m certain will do WONDERS for tolerance and pluralism.

What goons.