Why does NPR keep giving up?

So the jackasses on the right have another pelt on their wall this week, thanks to NPR showing their belly like giant pussies. Jon Stewart nailed this last time, ink the dustup about Juan Williams: they keep bringing tote bags to knife fights.

Where are my two-fisted liberals, dammit? Is Rahm the only one made in LBJ’s image?

Dept. of Disappointing Corrections

It turns out that whole thing about space germs in meteorites?

Yeah, crap. P.Z. Myers explains:

[The Journal of Cosmology] isn’t a real science journal at all, but is the ginned-up website of a small group of crank academics obsessed with the idea of Hoyle and Wickramasinghe that life originated in outer space and simply rained down on Earth. It doesn’t exist in print, consists entirely of a crude and ugly website that looks like it was sucked through a wormhole from the 1990s, and publishes lots of empty noise with no substantial editorial restraint. For a while, it seemed to be entirely the domain of a crackpot named Rhawn Joseph who called himself the emeritus professor of something mysteriously called the Brain Research Laboratory, based in the general neighborhood of Northern California (seriously, that was the address: “Northern California”), and self-published all of his pseudo-scientific “publications” on this web site.

Of the paper itself, Myers notes:

It’s a dump of miscellaneous facts about carbonaceous chondrites, not well-honed arguments edited to promote concision or cogency. The figures are annoying; when you skim through them, several will jump out at you as very provocative and looking an awful lot like real bacteria, but then without exception they all turn out to be photos of terrestrial organisms thrown in for reference. The extraterrestrial ‘bacteria’ all look like random mineral squiggles and bumps on a field full of random squiggles and bumps, and apparently, the authors thought some particular squiggle looked sort of like some photo of a bug.

Dept. of HOLY CRAP

This has the potential to be a bit earth-shaking:

The buzz is building over a paper by Richard Hoover, an award-winning astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, concluding that filaments and other features found in the interior of three specimens of a rare class of meteorite appear to be fossils of a life form strongly resembling cyanobacteria. Chemical analysis, Hoover argues, shows no evidence that the fossils are of organisms that infiltrated the meteorites after they arrived on Earth.

Oh, Sharepoint, you fucking jackass

So I’m standing up a new Sharepoint 2010 server, and I get this when I point it to one of our database servers:

Screen shot 2011-03-03 at 2.20.15 PM.png

There’s so much wrong with this it’s not even funny.

  • BigSQL is running the latest major version of SQL Server.
  • The dialog helpfully tells me what specific build I’m using, but does not tell me what version I need.
  • The dialog box does not include any meaningful information in and of itself, and instead redirects me to a URL.
  • The URL is neither selectable nor clickable.

Fuck whoever did this. I mean, seriously. This right here? This is why people hate you.